What did we just get ourselves into? Midnight’s approaching and there’s strange sounds coming at us from the shadows. What are we doing in this forest at this hour? It’s tense – somebody earlier tells us that somebody else heard a bear roar around this very same area a few days ago. We acknowledge this worrying fact but we still push on into the night. Armed with a pepper spray and that old foul-smelling joke about what you should do in case of a bear attack we feel somewhat ready to defend ourselves. Fear creeps in, but we need to – there’s a mission. We want something else, not just typical daytime photos. Fresh berms, perfectly shaped new sections of trail, scenery – that’s nice, but we want to do something different. The last couple of months a crew of shapers is working nearly ‘round the clock to prepare the tracks like we’ve always dreamt them to be. In honour of that we dive deep in the area around our new allmountain track. It’s a brave, maybe slightly stupid idea. We stick to protocol and speak loudly, to warn animals of our unusual presence. We don’t mess around too much and stick the photo on the second attempt, after which we promptly pack our stuff and head back to the resort – neither of us wants to stick around in the company of who knows what out there in the darkness. We take a better look at the picture later, only from the comfort and safety of our hotel room. It was all worth it – there’s even a ghost in the image, and the forest looks like it’s alive! Playing around in these magic woods with our biciclyes is a true privilege. We can’t wait to share them with you, so besides the night mission photo we’ve put together a gallery with the juiciest parts of that day: