Some say that our bikes are just big toys for big kids – and they’re right! Our playground is the forest and instead of our plastic buckets and spades we’re messing around with real machinery and hand tools for digging. And just as the kids’ playgrounds come alive in the summer with laughter and excitement, the start of the active season in Borovets Mountain Bike Park means the forest has a new soundtrack – excited riders hoot and holler their way down the trails, brakes squeal and bikes rumble and bounce over roots, rocks and trail features. Thanks to the bikepark’s proximity to Bulgaria’s capital (Borovets is only an hour away from Sofia) and the tireless efforts of our trail builders, season 2016 will sound just like that. We celebrated it’s start with chill atmosphere, lots of good friends and endless smiles all around us – just as we like it! We decided to skip the formalities and forego hosting a grand opening event in favour of what really makes us love riding – the rest is just too pretentious… Our only ambition for this season is to raise our game and bring Borovets to the next level. Well, we worked really hard those past few months, but have we succeeded? We’ll let you be the judges of that – we can only say “thank you” for that intense euphoria that’s still resonating in the air after the season opening weekend. It truly was epic! We haven’t seen that many happy faces in a long long time – it was as if we were hosting a mountainbike orgy… It was crazy riding the chairlift for another run and just listening to the sounds coming from below. Woo-ing and aaah-ing coming from the slopes on our right – alright, somebody’s going nuts on the brand new Scary Movie; screams of excitement coming from our left – okay, somebody’s enjoying the sculpted berms and jumps on the brand new Need For Speed track… Moments like these made it all worth it, and the best part is that the season has just began! We’ll keep working on bringing you new trails and trail features – come check them out!