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16 Sep

See the winners from Borovets Open Cup 2019

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An epic battle with time and gravity marked the 2019 edition of Borovets Open Cup.  The best riders from Europe and Bulgaria teared up the challenging 2.4km long “Scary Movie” race track this weekend.

Riders from the UK, Germany, Greece, France, Macedonia, Russia and Ukraine and the best riders from Bulgaria took part in the UCI Men’s Category. With impressive time of 3:37.29 Will Hart from the UK took the gold medal, followed by Guy Gibbs and the Bulgarian rider from Pro Team Samokov Stivi Gatev.

In the Open category, first place was taken by Valentin Tenev with time of 3:53.67. The silver was taken by Ioanis Ioanou from Greece, and the bronze by Denislav Angelov.

In the Ladies category, with impressive time of 4:21.13 the gold went to Isabela Yankova, followed by the star from Samokov Victoria Goncheva and Denitsa Tosheva.

In the Masters category the champion Rosen Kovachev impressed with time of 3:55.99. The silver went to Kancho Damyanov and the bronze to Milan Dimov.

In the youth category first was Velin Doychev, while the HARDTAIL winner was Pavel Stoyanov.

On Saturday the KIDS finals took place. The young racers showed lots of skills and bravery on a shorter version of the track with Encho Yankov taking the first place in the 10-12 yrs. category and Roberto Vasilev in the 13-14 yrs race.

The first 8 in the UCI category shared a monetary fund of 1250 euro, while all winners received prized from Borosport, Hotel RIla Borovets, Sport Depot and Sitnykovo Downhill Snack & Grill.

The UCI commissaire Andrey Beschastniov from Russia greeted the organising team after the race and wished all the best to the Bulgarian mountain biking.

The race was also part of the Bulgarian downhill series, taking place on 6 different tracks in the country this summer.

29 Aug


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Two weeks left until the start of BOROVETS OPEN CUP 2019 Vivacom Downhill Series #4 Borovets. Check out the program:

📅 Thursday, September 12th
14:00-18:00 Track walk
16:00-19:00 Registration at Adventure Center at Hotel Rila

📅 Friday, September 13th
9:00-12:00 Registration at Adventure Center at Hotel Rila
10:00-16:00 Training all categories
16:00-17:00 Training only “MEN UCI 17+”
16:00-19:00 Registration at Adventure Center at Hotel Rila

📅 Saturday, September 14th
8:30 – 10:00 Registration at Adventure Center at Hotel Rila
9:30 – 11:00 Training Kids
11:30 – 12:30 Finals Kids
13:00 – 15:00 Training all categories
15:30 – 17:30 Seeding runs
19:00 – Briefing at Hotel RIla

📅 Sunday, September 15th
9:30 – 10:30 Training all categories
10:30 – 12:30 Training only “MEN UCI 17+”
14:00 – FINALS
17:00 – Award Ceremony


08 Aug

SIGN UP FORM BOROVETS OPEN CUP 2019 – Vivacom Downhill Series #4

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18 Jul

Borovets Camera Days

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Borovets Camera Days

27 July 2019 / Borovets Mountain Bike Park

Come in Borovets on 27th July for Borovets Camera Days. The talented photographer Geergi Daskalov – The Agent will hang around the bike park trails to take great photos of the bikers.

Prepare the bikes, get ready to show your best bike skills and finish the day with some epic shots from your rides.  The photos will be published on the Facebook page of Borovets Mountain Bike park.

Soon we will publish the program, so you won’t miss him.


11 Jun

Borovets open cup 2019

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From 13th to 15th of September 2019 Borovets will host one of the biggest competitions for downhill biking in Europe – Borovets Open Cup, part of Vivacom Downhill Series. The race is part of the UCI calendar and is class 1 in the downhill series, so the points will be valid for the world rank list.

Borovets open cup will be on the Scary Movie track in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

More information about signing up and the program is coming soon.

You can follow the official page of the event in Facebook for the latest updates.

07 Sep

Bike Day September 2018

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The girls from Wildberries and the guys from Borovet Mountain Bike Park have a great opportunity for you.

On 8th of September (Saturday) you can take part in one of our workshops.

If you are beginner in the magic world of the mountain biking or you just want a relaxing day in the mountains you can take part in the workshop Bike Around.

In the morning we will gather in front of the Adventure center in hotel Rila and we will take a round on the Family trail in Borovets. You will be able to learn few new techniques, how to take turns correctly, which gear to use depending on the inclination, what to wear and not wear while cycling in the mountains and many more useful advices. And if you still got energy after the tour, we will continue to Chernata skala (The Black Rock) – a place with astonishing panoramic views.

If you want to upgrade your level you can join the workshop Level Up! The boys from Borovets Mountain Bike Park will show you techniques for turns, jumps, roots crossing, inclinations, landings and many more.

The participation in Bike Around is absolutely free of charge. Join us for a day full of new and exciting emotions. For Level Up you need a lift card, as the workshop will be on the trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

If you do not have a bike or an equipment you can rent from Adventure Center Borosport. The rent prices for basic and middle class bicycles will be reduced with 30% for the participants in both workshops  .

Starting hours:

Bike Around – 9AM in front of Adventure Center Borosport

Level Up – 11AM “Sitnyakovo express’” bottom station

Sign up for the workshops at or 0889 607 000

19 Jul

Borovets Camera Days

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For another year  Borovets Camera Days is here to catch your best moments while biking in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

This Sunday, July 22, Georgi Daskalov  will be in Borovets to take great pictures of all the bikers. See the program below:

8:45-10:45 – Harry Potter
11:15-13:15 – NFS
14:30 – 16:30 – Rocky
17:45- 18:30 – Machete

All pictures will be published in Borovets Mountain Bike Park page in Facebook. Facebook event page.

14 Sep

Borovets camera days on september 16th

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The hunting season is now open!  If you want some proper downhill shots, than on saturday be on the trails and look around for our resident photographer Georgi Daskalov .


25 Aug

Sitnyakovo Express and bike park will work on 6.09 and 7.09

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Due to the great interest and the upcoming national holiday and race(22-24.9), Borovets bike park and Sitnyakovo Express will work on 6.09 and 7.09.

We use the case to remind that the UCI race also has an OPEN category, so everyone who feels prepared to participate is more than welcome.


21 Aug

Borovets open cup 2017 UCI class1 – register here

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