Doing like the bears – pre-season 2016

It’s that time of the year – the keepers of the forest, mama and papa bears, wake up from their winter slumber and start roaming the slopes above Borovets, checking on their home turf. It’s pretty much what we like to do too. For us it’s time to hang up our skis and our boards and check up on the bikepark trails. Yes, we are hungry, just like the bears. They are hungry for food, we are hungry for ripping up loamy trails and blasting perfectly shaped turns. The snow is gone – it’s time to bring the bikes back to Borovets, revisiting our favourite pieces of trail from previous seasons and dream up new ones. Gather the crew, pump up the tires and get ready to shred, season 2016 in Borovets Mountain Bike Park is getting close! It’s that time of the year…

Rila greets us with warm temperatures and beautiful bluebird weather.

The snow’s quickly retreating, which can mean only one thing… It’s time to ride bikes!

Only the high parts of the mountain, peeking at us from a distance, give it away that it’s still early spring.

But before we get to the fun part it’s time for some trail scouting… These forests have a lot of potential!

Hmm, what can we do here…

Dreaming of new trails we decide to dive deeper into the forest…

Any bears nearby better stay at a distance from this man!

The GPS marks our findings so we know where to go back to when we start digging… Can’t wait!

Before we know it we’re back at the finish area of Scary Movie, the main DH race track.

Now it’s time to get our feet wet and check out how the trails ride after the winter.

We try the bottom parts of Rocky, one of our favourite trails… Everything’s looking good, we love how the trails ride after the winter!

They feel fresh and drifty during this part of the year, hard packed but covered with a thin layer of loose soil, leaves and debris…

And on top of that we are here all on our own before everyone else – such a special feeling!

Good thing is Borovets never gets crowded, but now it’s really a VIP situation..

All the lines ride just as well as we remember them from last year.

It feels good to be back on the familiar rooty goodness of Rocky!

The boys are obviously having a ton of fun riding this trail pre-season!

While the trails are generally hard-packed and well set one can still catch the occasional glimpse of roost and debris flying around as the bikes rumble by…

This is one of our favourite turns in the entire bikepark area.

It’s super high speed and when you do it right it feels like your getting fired out of a slingshot!

Did we say we love this turn? Scratch that, not only this one, the entire bottom section of Rocky is just amazing!

We ride until late in the afternoon, when we pack our stuff and head back to the big city. On our way home we get a glimpse of the upper parts of Rila, still covered in snow. We love this mountain! It’s the best playground a rider can dream of…