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11 Jun

Borovets open cup 2019

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From 13th to 15th of September 2019 Borovets will host one of the biggest competitions for downhill biking in Europe – Borovets Open Cup, part of Vivacom Downhill Series. The race is part of the UCI calendar and is class 1 in the downhill series, so the points will be valid for the world rank list.

Borovets open cup will be on the Scary Movie track in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

More information about signing up and the program is coming soon.

You can follow the official page of the event in Facebook for the latest updates.

07 Sep

Bike Day September 2018

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The girls from Wildberries and the guys from Borovet Mountain Bike Park have a great opportunity for you.

On 8th of September (Saturday) you can take part in one of our workshops.

If you are beginner in the magic world of the mountain biking or you just want a relaxing day in the mountains you can take part in the workshop Bike Around.

In the morning we will gather in front of the Adventure center in hotel Rila and we will take a round on the Family trail in Borovets. You will be able to learn few new techniques, how to take turns correctly, which gear to use depending on the inclination, what to wear and not wear while cycling in the mountains and many more useful advices. And if you still got energy after the tour, we will continue to Chernata skala (The Black Rock) – a place with astonishing panoramic views.

If you want to upgrade your level you can join the workshop Level Up! The boys from Borovets Mountain Bike Park will show you techniques for turns, jumps, roots crossing, inclinations, landings and many more.

The participation in Bike Around is absolutely free of charge. Join us for a day full of new and exciting emotions. For Level Up you need a lift card, as the workshop will be on the trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

If you do not have a bike or an equipment you can rent from Adventure Center Borosport. The rent prices for basic and middle class bicycles will be reduced with 30% for the participants in both workshops  .

Starting hours:

Bike Around – 9AM in front of Adventure Center Borosport

Level Up – 11AM “Sitnyakovo express’” bottom station

Sign up for the workshops at or 0889 607 000

19 Jul

Borovets Camera Days

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For another year  Borovets Camera Days is here to catch your best moments while biking in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

This Sunday, July 22, Georgi Daskalov  will be in Borovets to take great pictures of all the bikers. See the program below:

8:45-10:45 – Harry Potter
11:15-13:15 – NFS
14:30 – 16:30 – Rocky
17:45- 18:30 – Machete

All pictures will be published in Borovets Mountain Bike Park page in Facebook. Facebook event page.

14 Sep

Borovets camera days on september 16th

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The hunting season is now open!  If you want some proper downhill shots, than on saturday be on the trails and look around for our resident photographer Georgi Daskalov .


07 Jun

Summer season’17 starts on 17th June!

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The sun is shining, the snow is clearing and Borovets mountain resort is getting ready for one exciting summer! Prepare the mountain bikes, get out the hiking shoes and get ready for unforgettable adventures in Rila mountain this summer.

Summer season opens on Saturday 17th June! To make it a day to remeber everyone who buys a lift pass for the day will be riding for free on Sunday (18.06)!


Check out the summer lift passes rates here! 






And to make even more special, you can win one of the three seasonal lift passes for summer 2017 when you purchase a daily lift pass on Satuday 17th June  or Sunday 18 June! The rules are simple:

  • You need to be 18 or over
  • Write your full name, phone number and email on the back of your receipt (one entry per person only)
  • Put the receipt in the special box in Adventure center, hotel Rila.
  • Keep your fingrers crossed (but not while biking)

Let the summer fun begin!

02 Sep

Borovets Open Cup 2016

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The tradition of Borovets Open Cup continues!
Between 16-th and 18-th of September the bike-park will host another amazing downhill race.
The 4-th round of the Bulgarian Downhill Series will gather the fastest riders from around in an epic challenge with gravity and time. During the Borovets Open Cup, will be held the final of the Bulgarian kids series.

Scroll down for registration.

Race rules here.

Race schedule:


Friday 16.09.2016

  •     09:00 – 20:00 Registration and race number distribution at the Adventure Center, Rila Hotel
  •     09:00 – 18:00 On foot trail inspection (The trail will be open for riding also)


Saturday 17.09.2016

  •     09:00 – 10:30 Training runs for kids
  •     11:30 – 12:30 Final run for kids
  •     13:00 – 17:00 Training runs
  •     19:00 Briefing at the Rila Hotel


Sunday 18.09.2016

  •     09:00 – 11:00 Training runs
  •     11:30 – 13:00 Qualifying runs
  •      14:00 Final runs


01 Sep

Bikepark schedule September 2016

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It`s your last chance for this year to ride the trails at the bike park during September!

We have a bunch of events happening in the month of the “closing”, so you can enjoy riding and racing at its best.

We start the first weekend of the month with the Borovets camera days & Borovets promo weekend, then we continue with Borovets open cup.


If you`re planning to visit the bike park in September please check the updated schedule for the lifts and keep tuned for more news.

26 Aug

Borovets camera days & Borovets promo weekend

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Georgi Daskalov aka National JOROgraphic aka BIKEPORN will go hunt heavy biker cattle. On the 3-rd of September (Saturday), George will take cover in the bushes near the trails in the Borovets Bike Park armed with his photo equipment and will haunt precious photo trophies. Anyone who wants to be hit with an epic shot is welcome to enjoy the trails in the bike-park. All the photos taken during the day will be uploaded in our Facebook page. Saturday after 21:00 at the Terrace Lounge, Rila Hotel, we`ll make a slideshow of the photos from the day.


We`re announcing promo price for the weekend lift passes. On the 3-rd (Saturday), you can buy 2-days lift pass for the price of 36 BGN, the pass will be valid for the 3-rd and the 4-th of September. Rila Hotel is providing promo price of 39 BGN for a double room and breakfast (Extra 12 BGN are paid for 3-rd and 4-th person in the room.) When you reserve room, please mention that you want to take advantage of the PROMO WEEKEND price. 0750) 32 295/32 658 – Rila Hotel.


Facebook event.

26 Jul

Alpinist Banquet Bike Party!

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Borovets Climbing and Mountaineering starts on the 30-th of July. Saturday, 13:30 we will meet at the Adventure Center (Rila hotel). From there we go up with the “Sitnyakovo” lift and then descent towards “Water catchment” cliff, where we will climb! The Borovets Climbing and Mountaineering crew will provide free workshops and lessons in vertical climbing.

24 Jun

BIKE PARK OPENING BANQUET- Launch into the active summer season in Borovets on 2-3rd of July 2016.

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On the 2nd of July we officially open the bike park and give start to the active summer season in Borovets. Come join us for a ride and have the chance to leave the first traces on the freshly shaped trails. We can`t wait to shred those berms!
On Saturday besides the riding we`ll also enjoy the rest of the entertainments that life in Borovets can offer us. Get ready for (un)memorable banquet adventures during the night. The winter has its Apre’ski, and the summer will have its Apre’bike. We`re starting the BANQUET SERIES with the first banquet event on the occasion of the opening. After the riding we`re gathering in Terrace Loungе- Rila hotel, so we can give a toast for the start of the new summer season, of course later we`ll continue with some drinks in Night Bar After Eleven in Rila hotel. As old people used to say: “You can know the bike season by its opening party” We want to throw a rad party, so we can all have an intense and epic bike season! Be ready for surprises because this year we`re building some new trails and we`re planning a lot of new events. We hope you will join us for all the adventures that are coming in the following months.
It’s all about good times and fun!

What`s coming during the days of the opening:

2nd of July (Saturday), RAM Bikes will present their latest bike models for 2016 in front of Rila hotel. In the tent of RAM a crew of bike mechanics will provide free bike service. If you need a quick check or some adjustments, the boys will be happy to help and give you some useful advices about how to take care of your bike.

The girls from Wild-berries will visit us for the opening, it`s their second visit this year and already they`re starting to feel pretty familiar with the trails in the bike-park. Everyone of you ladies should feel free to join the “female party” for an exciting weekend!

All lift passes bought in Saturday gives you free pass in Sunday. The lift pass is valid for the whole weekend, so keep it!

The banquet on the occasion of the opening starts on Saturday evening at the The Terrace Lounge, for the toughest of you the party continues in After Eleven Nightclub, both in Rila hotel.
We`re expecting you!

Facebook event.